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lisa rachel cohen | bio

I am an inspired Author, Publisher, Coach, Character Educator, Communication Specialist and the founder and CEO of Sparkle Press, LLC and InSparkle Media.

I was blessed to present and exhibit at the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions and be an Ambassador for the
2014 Forum on Character Education in Washington DC. 

Presently, I serve as an honorary board member for Arts 4 Peace Awards; a Shero for Sheroes United, an advisor for Clerc's Children and a Regional Coordinator for Gather the Women.

InSparkle Media is co-creating compassionate communities via InSparkle Compassion Circles, Celebrations, Retreats, and publications including Grace is Born and My Grace is Born Companion.  

InSparkle Media's divinely inspired teaching tools are manifesting universal peace and bringing Grace to Life!  

This is my story . . .

In the not so distant past, my husband repeatedly advised me to shred all personal documents for fear that I might fall prey to identity theft.

Truth be told, I relinquished my identity years before. In a futile attempt to mute anxiety and fear, I turned to food, excessive activity and the drama of trauma. I was a die-hard rescuer in desperate need of being rescued.

My prayers for relief were answered by caring friends who took me with them to a self-help group for food addiction.

In addition to being an author, I am a Speech-Language and Cognitive Therapist, aka “groupie”, with 30 years experience facilitating brain injury support, treatment, advocacy, and prevention groups.

My spiritual, emotional and physical healing journey began once I relinquished being “the one in charge”.

Like those who came before me and those that will follow, I flourish when provided with ongoing opportunities to share my story and be of service to others.

Several of my group members suggested that guided writing might help me to recover. After much resistance, I conceded. My spiritual wings expanded once I began attending meetings. My spiritual life took flight once I began writing.

My passion for life was restored and my creativity re-ignited . . .

Grace was born!

From conception to birth,
Grace is Born was miraculously written in 9 months and arrived just in time for Thanksgiving, 2010.

Over the next several snowy months, my daughter and I searched the internet, libraries, bookstores, galleries and gift shops, for an artist to co-create Grace’s visionary presence.

Then one sunny afternoon, I clicked my ruby reds and arrived at the threshold of “the one”,
Judith Joseph, an internationally celebrated fine artist whose paintings dance with divinity. 

Judith and I worked collaboratively with Lisa Kaczer, an extraordinary graphic designer, to convert the original painting into the book cover and interior images.

After further research and reflection, I developed additional
InSparkle Compassion Resources including My Grace is Born Companion and and now host InSparkle Compassion Circles, Celebrations, and Retreats.  

Together, we are Gracing the Globe!


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